This project is in active developement.

Mesopotamia is a RTS-like and a City building. This is my Anno like just made for fun !

Coming soon :  Soldiers, enemies and a lot of things like new buildings and new ressources.

The goal will be to establish a great empire in order to build the Hanging gardens of Babylon

Development log


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Je ne m'attend pas à avoir de réponse mais je tient à dire que faire un jeu comme celui la sur construct demande un travail immense BRAVO !

(j'avoue que je suis curieux de savoir à quoi peut ressembler le code )

Hello, oui ça a été un super entrainement pour moi, bon il est à l'abandon mais Construct peut faire vraiment tout type de jeu sans demande de ressources gourmandes.

C'est principalement à base d'actions simples et de groupe de famille. et le reste est sectionné par Numéro de sprite !

Merci pour ton commentaire !!!

OH ! La reponce ! J'avoue que je ne m'y attendais vraiment pas :0

C'est bien dommage que tu ne comptes pas finir le projet il est vraiment impressionnant...  Après c'est vrai que les autres projets que tu as faits sont tout aussi beau et ont aussi une vrai touche (j'espère que tu continueras). 

Sinon y'aurais t'il un moyen de te suivre ? un site web ou un twitter ? (les liens de ta page sont mort)

Compte Insta :

Je travail actuellement sur un autre jeu plus simple à réaliser. C'est un Stardew Valley like avec des énigmes à résoudre et du crafting etc..

Celui-ci je compte bien le finir ! ;)


This game looks stunning but I don't really understand how to play it ^^'

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The fonts and people are  tiny on my screen. Even when i put it in fullscreen mode.

Hello! This game looks really cool, but I was wondering if anything's still happening? The last comment was 3 months ago and the Dev log says the last verson was in April Last Year.


help the game wont start :(.

it only shows yellow screen,

is this my browser or this is my pc fault.

please reply i want to play this game :)

Hello Calvelazo09, this project is in active development, you can try again it should work. otherwise try with another browser. :) see you !

dear mokoto I was wondering if you could make a quick little guide on how to begi

Hello Bill, the tutorial is being prepared but will require a lot of development and time, this game is still in development, thank you for your patience!

of course I understand thank you for being so open with your fan

hello I was just wondering how to get normal workers faster

hello, you can build a Temple and click on create an educated worker, he can go to work in some other special buildings for him

Thanks If you need character sprites done I can help best I can

Ok thanks ! ;)

anytime Just email me :

When I read "Mesopotamia" in my feed I already hoped for a download version. Anyway, it looks lovely as ever. I'll wait for the download version before I'll play it though.


hey uh how do I play this after it loads work in progress screen I just shows me a gui with stuff but I can't do anything with any of it

how do i get pass the work in progress screen

Hello, I think it must be a bug, maybe try to restart your browser ;)

im new but im exited to play this


why its don't start

Hello, this project is in active development,

Have you tried it with another browser ?

Thank you I will try. This game have big potential.

How do you get that clay material thing? The one that looks like a red-orange cube?

Hello, you must put the clay field at the water's edge.

ohhhh I see, ty

Game looks promising. I gave you a follow and I hope you keep working on it. :)

Thank you for the follow, yes I try to work on it as much as possible !

This game looks great! I haven't played Anno, so I was wondering if you could put a couple of the controls in the description so I know how to do things. Hope you keep up the project! The art already looks fantastic and it's very easy to see what's on screen.

Hey, looks great and I'm really interested in giving it a try. May I ask if you could upload a standalone version in addition to the webversion? I'm oldfashioned in these things, I don't like playing games in a browser. ;)

Hello and thank you for your comment, for the moment I prefer to stay on browser because it is far from being in its final form and really interesting to play, I hope you understand ;)

No problem, then I'll wait. :)


trash game wont load

I have just upload a new version V0.3, I think it fix the bug ;)

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This is really cool. Keep up the good work!

hey Mokoto, any change you can explain to me how you make a construct 2 game playable 'in browser' or point me in the direction of a good tutorial? I have been looking for information about this, but can't find or figure  out how to do this. I would love to make my game playable in browser so people don't have to go trough a download.

It's easy, Construct is based on HTML5 so it will run perfectly on a browser. Just export your game to HTML5 then select Playable In browser on, you can add a fullscreen button and other things directly from this website ;)

ok, this was so easy I'm almost embarrassed :)

many thanks and keep up the good work on your game.

Hello everyone, I am creating the field system of my game. The next upload will be soon. A big thank you for your support. :)

Salut, pourquoi un jeu sur navigateur ? un peu embêtant je trouve ...

Bonjour, il est en développement actif, il sera telechargeable dans sa version finale.

Hello, it is in active development, it will be downloadable in its final version.

Merci pour le retour ! Pas moyen de le mettre en version téléchargeable dès à présent ? y a des prob de compatibilités avec certains navigateurs ... etc ! :)

Hey guy! Looks like you're french! Donc si je te parle en français ça passe ^^

Ton jeu a l'air vraiment bien, pour le moment il est un peu austère (pas beaucoup de retour sonore ni de musique, seulement ces oiseaux) et manque de retour pour le joueur, ainsi que quelques détails qui font qu'on est un peu perdu. Maid c'est normal ton jeu n'est pas fini et déjà il vend du reve! Franchement je vais suivre assiduent l'avancement de ce petit jeu qui me donne très envie de jouer! Bonne chance

Merci beaucoup ! Dans la prochaine mise à jour, il suffira de cliquer sur un bâtiment pour envoyer un homme y travailler, ce genre de choses... Je prend mon temps pour qu'il soit jouable à terme.

Thank you so much ! In the next update, we just click on a building to send a man to work, things like that.

Ok, this game looks amazing. ❤

Thanks a lot :D

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Hello, this project is in active development ;)

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Game looks good, but fun ends, when you understand, that you cant build granary

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Hello, this project is in active development, it is not the final game, you can build the granary by placing a first road but it has not a real goal yet. ;)